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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a kitten? Kittens cost $1200.00 male or females. Silvers are 1300,  Polydactyls are $1400.00.   Deposits are $250 & non-refundable.  Your deposit is credited toward the purchase price of your kitten.  Personal checks are accepted for deposits only.  Your deposit and an Approved Kitten Application are required before a kitten is reserved.  The remaining balance is due in cash only or paypal.  If you are willing to show the kitten/cat in cat shows, another arrangement can be made regarding cost.

Do you microchip?  The staff at Main Street pet care can microchip your kitten using  $35.00 if you chose.  We can have this done on the last checkup to the vet, the week before you pick up your kitten.  This is an option and not required.

Do you accept deposits for kittens on upcoming litters (kittens not yet born)? Yes.  I will place your name on a list for a kitten: male/female/either based on your answers listed on your Approved Kitten Application.  When a litter is born, I will post photos of the kittens on the website and send out an email to everyone that has paid a deposit for a kitten. If you requested a male kitten, you will only get pictures of males; if you requested a female, only the photos of female kittens and if you do not have a preference, you will receive choice of all.  If you have paid a deposit and decide to pass on a kitten from that litter, your deposit is ‘rolled over’ to the next upcoming litter and you will have first choice to pick your perfect baby. Any kittens not chosen by those who have paid deposits/approved kitten applications will be posted on our website and facebook page as Available.   If we see a kitten who shows promise for our breeding program, MoJo Maines cattery will always have first choice of any kitten from any litter. **Please note, if you say yes to a kitten and it is reserved for you and then you ‘cancel the sale’  : Your deposit will NOT be refunded and will NOT be carried over to another upcoming litter. The kitten you chose to reserve & then declined will become available to another buyer. If for any reason, MoJo Maines Cattery cancels a kitten sale the deposit is refunded in full to the buyer. If you have questions about the deposit process, please contact me.  

What colors of kittens do you have?   We have kittens in nearly all colors and patterns. We can produce Black and Whites,  Warm or Cool Brown Classic & Mackerel Tabbies, Torbies(tortieshell,calico), Brown Patched Tabbies, Silver Patch tabbies, Red Classic Tabbies(girls and boys).   We have 2 sires that carry a dilute gene: Weyoun (black smoke) and Barlow making it possible to produce Black Smokes and Blue Tabbies, creams/cameos.  Nearly all kittens will have white bibs and socks. 

When can I pick out my kitten? I prefer that potential cat owners choose their kittens when they are  3-4 weeks old. (although you may chose before then)  At that time we will send out emails with the kittens photos for kitten selection in the order that we received deposits.  Once you have selected a kitten that particular kitten is listed as Reserved.  If you have a name for your kitten, we will call your kitten that name.  We will also email you updated pictures of your kitten every week  so you can see his or her progress.   Kittens will be ready to go to their new home at 12 weeks old.  

Where & when will I pick up my kitten? You will pick up your kitten at our home in Joplin, Missouri – at a prearranged time. Kittens are ready to go to their new homes by 12 weeks old.  Kittens will need to be picked up or flown to their new homes by 12 weeks old.  There is a daily fee to keep kittens past 12 weeks of age.  We do not allow kittens to go to their new homes earlier than 12 weeks old due to spay/neutered and final Vet check. We will also meet you at a predetermined location if requested. Each of our kittens goes to their new home with a, "Kitten Kit." You will receive a Kitten Care booklet, small bag of Royal Canin Kitten food and a can of Royal Canin canned food - this is the same food that your kitten has been eating, coupons for cat litter and pet food.  You will also receive a folder (or a flash drive) with all of your kittens paperwork: Your kitten's registration papers, parent pedigrees, health record, veterinarian checks & documentation, photos of your Kitten and littermates, photos of the  kitten’s parents and some other helpful and informative papers.  

I see you don't have kittens right now, how long before another litter? After mating with the chosen Sire, Queens will have their kittens anywhere from 62-70 days with 64 days being the average.(9 weeks) We plan our litters and witness the mating- that is how we know the approximate date for expected delivery. Kittens leave the cattery at 12-14 weeks of age.  So, from start to finish your time ‘waiting’ can be 21 weeks if waiting for a litter not yet born. Yes, you read that correctly, 5 months.  The wait is 3 months or less if kittens are already born.  

Do you have a contract for your kittens? Absolutely.  We do have a contract and it is required for all kitten sales. Every respectable breeder will have a contract.  The provisions of the contract are designed to protect the kitten being purchased, the buyer and MoJo Maines Cattery.  

Do you sell breeding rights on your kittens? No, All kittens & cats leave our cattery spay/neutered. It is in our contract.  

Do your kittens come with their registration papers? Yes. The registration papers will be in your Kitten Kit. The new owner will be responsible for registering the cat.  I will include the Parent's pedigrees. Once you register your kitten, you can request a Pedigree from the Cat Association. 

Are your kittens checked by a veterinarian? Yes. Our kittens visit the Vet 2 times before leaving the cattery. Once at just over 6 weeks, after their first Vaccination and then the week before they leave the cattery when they make the trip to be altered at 11 weeks.  

Will my kitten need its shots?  Yes and No.  MoJo Maines vaccinates all their cats prior to leaving our cattery. All kittens will receive  immunization shots with Novibac or Fel-o-Vax IV + CalciaVax which covers Rhinotrachetis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia and Chlamydia.  Kittens receive this shot 3 time before they leave as per the Veterinarian; the last shot at 14-16w will be the responsibility of the buyer.  Kittens will also receive both doses required of FeLV (feline leukemia) Vaccine at 9&12wks  Kittens are given a  dewormer as a precautionary measure. All kittens are also FeLV and FIV negative at the time of leaving our cattery by way of their parents.  It will be the new owner's responsibility to finish the kittens remaining booster shots.  Rabies vaccine may be given after the kitten is 12 weeks old or as per your vet.  

Do you ship your kittens?   YES!  We have used  AA and Delta Dash.  It's not a regular thing we  do. We do not object to shipping kittens.

 The cost averages (240-325) We would ship from the Delta terminal in Springfield, MO or the AA terminal in Fayetteville, AR. This airport is 80miles (one way) and we will add an additional ($75) for round trip travel.  You will be required to provide an airline approved carrier, food & water dishes or provide the money to me to purchase them on your behalf ($50) & a health certificate ($55) and if the kitten is over 12w, a rabies vaccination is required($45).