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Julie Tichota was the loving cat guardian of Angels Afoot cattery and extraordinary artist.

We did not have the honor of knowing Julie Tichota personally before her passing. Her legacy of artwork that was based on her beautiful family of Maine Coon cats is well known; we have included a link to the Angels Afoot Designs website where her artwork is available for sale.

The feline descendants of Julie’s ‘Angels Afoot’  line of Maine Coons are now part of the family of cats here at Mojo Maines.  Karen Rose, a close friend of Julie’s, preserved the line at Rose Petals cattery for many years.  We have now proudly taken up the mantle from Karen, who had promised Julie before her death, to continue the line of Angels Afoot cats in memory of Julie for as many years as humanly possible.  

Cats and kittens, which carry the Angels Afoot bloodlines, are noted as they appear on the Mojo Maines Website.  To our knowledge, these are the only remaining reproducing cats to carry the original bloodline of Julie Tichota’s Maine Coons.  


The following is a remembrance by Karen Rose from the Rose Petals website.

APRIL 13, 1956
DECEMBER 31, 1997

Julie was not only a very talented artist, but she was also a very special person. Julie became a friend to all those around her. She was totally devoted to her Maine Coons and Shelter Babies. They were her children, whom she loved deeply. That very special love shows in all the artwork she created of her Maine Coons. She created artwork of the Maine Coons in her household and also a few Rose Petals kitties. She created the Rose Petals logo for me in 1994. As everyone knows, a Rose means love; Julie was a beautiful Rose while here on earth. All those whose lives she touched were so deeply blessed just by knowing her and becoming her friend. Julie was the true meaning of “friend.” She lost her earthly life after several years of illness; but her legacy lives on through her artwork. Julie was the creator of Angels Afoot designs. All of Julie’s artwork was done in Victorian Era style with great detail and beauty in each stroke of the brush. You can almost feel the gentleness and love in each Maine Coon kitty she put on canvas. Julie was truly God’s “work of art.”Visit  www.angelsafootdesigns.com  to view more & purchase Julie Tichota's beautiful artwork.