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breeding program for our Maine Coons. 

This simply means that the males and females are kept apart until time for the planned breeding to take place.  This controls the population and the quality of Maine Coons that are born. We follow a breeding schedule, no unplanned babies. It isn't a free-for-all here, no catin' around allowed!

MoJo Maines Maine Coon Cattery raises all kittens underfoot, in the house for better socialization.

Our home is noisy! Very loud and lot of movement. Kids everywhere grabbing kittens, loving on them playing with them. Dishes clattering, fans going. Husband is always hammering, grinding and sawing something in the garage.(this is where the cats like to hang out)

The momma cat and her kittens stay in the birthing room(the master bedroom) for the first six weeks, getting acquainted with the adult humans of the household. After reaching 6-8 weeks of age, they receive their first RCP vaccination. At this time the kittens are introduced to the kitten room which is a large living room with cat trees and toys for their playing and climbing enjoyment.  When the kittens become familiar with  their new kitten room, they meet the other feline members of the family under supervision. Eventually allowing them to roam and explore the entire household. - They love hiding under dressers, chairs, sofas and all large hard to move furniture.

This practice produces very socialized kittens and are quick to adapt to their new home setting when the time comes. By the time the kittens are ready to go to their new (fur-ever)homes (12-14 weeks of age), they have been wormed 2-3 times, have received RCP vaccinations and the Initial Feline Leukemia vaccinations(if requested).  The kittens make a visit to the veterinarian for a health check at 6-8 weeks.  At the visit they receive a thorough health check.  At 12 weeks of age, before going to their new homes at 13-14 weeks, they are given the same exam again and they will be spayed/neutered. 

After the kittens have been given a clean bill of health they are ready to go to their new homes.  It is part of the Kitten Adoption Contract that the kitten be taken to the new owner’s vet within 48 to 72 hours after arriving at its new home so that the receiving vet can reiterate that the kitten is in good health, thus activating the Health Guarantee.

We offer a FREE month of Trupanion Pet Insurance that MUST be activated the day you pick up the kitten.   

MoJo Maines gives a one year health guarantee against genetic defects not discovered at the time of adoption.

No cat leaves our cattery unaltered.  Every kitten and cat will be spayed or neutered before leaving for it's new home, this is not an extra cost for you to bare, it's included in your adoption fee.

No exceptions! Please visit the Winn Feline Foundation & the Fix by Five program for more information about cat health.

There are 21,000 reasons why I neuter - because that's potentially how many offspring could result from one un-neutered female cat and her descendants in just seven years!