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About Us

Welcome to Mojo Maines!  Our cattery breeds purebred Maine Coon cats. We are in Joplin, located in Southwest Missouri. Our primary focus is providing healthy and well socialized cats and kittens for loving homes. All our cat parents are screened for multiple health and genetic disorders including HCM testing, FeLv.  The kittens are cared for carefully and handled from their first day of life in an ‘under foot’ environment in our home to help them be well adjusted and happy with their future human guardians.

We are SciFi buffs and try to name our litters after SciFi or Fantasy Movie titles.  (just to keep track of the litters)

We believe being a cat guardian is an important commitment for the lifetime of the pet. We want all kittens and cats to find their Forever Families. All prospective buyers are required to complete a screening questionnaire and agree to our contract terms regarding care for the new kitten. Some environments are simply not a good match for Maine Coons and it is easier to avoid potential behavior and health issues than to end up in a situation that is bad for either the owner or the cat. Additionally, we are extremely interested in the fortunes of the animals we send out to new homes and enjoy continued contact with owners. Monitoring the health of our cats over their lifetime helps us to produce stronger and healthier Maine Coons for future generations.

We do show our adult cats and kittens at nearby ACFA, TICA and CFA cat shows and encourage others to visit us at the shows, and if you are interested, help you start showing your cat as well. Since our cattery is our home it is not open to the public for drop in visits, but we do strongly suggest pre-adoption visits with your kittens to help them get to know you. Raising cats is our hobby rather our primary income so our work schedules must be factored when arranging visitations.

Many of our cats are descended from  Rose Petals Cattery and the efforts of Karen Rose. She focused on improving the health and genetics of her lines for 20 years. Mojo Maines is fortunate to have such a strong foundation from which to build. Continuation of the Angels Afoot & Rose Petal line of Maine Coons is another important purpose for our cattery. These are cats descended from the feline family of the late artist Julie Tichota which feature so prominently in her artwork. More information about Julie and Angels Afoot can be found www.angelsafootdesigns.com . Mojo Maines has been entrusted to carry on this line and cats with Angels Afoot lineage are noted as they appear on the site.


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