I am  on Facebook & Instagram frequently. I will update Facebook long before I update this site. 

When I have kittens, I try to post to Facebook LIVE several times a week so you can see the kittens in action.

You will see the most current information about litters,  photos of kittens and our cats on my FB page - MoJo Maines, A Maine Coon Cattery.  I also will respond quickest to FB messages!

MoJo Maines

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With that said, none of the Cat Fancier Associations endorse, nor make representations or warranties of any kind, regarding ANY of the cattieries, it's cats or it's kittens listed on their website.

  • Being a member and registering a cattery in a Cat Fancier Association is easy.
  • Being a member DOES NOT validate the quality of a cattery.
  • The purchase of a cat or kitten should be undertaken with the same degree of care and caution as any other major purchase.
  • Do your Due Diligence
  • Check the cattery before you buy your furbaby.

  • The cat photos you see are MoJo Maine's kittens and cats.  >>>>Not Stock photos<<<
  • The tribal cat logo and it's variations belong to MoJo Maines it is our TM and is copyrighted. If you see it elsewhere, it's been stolen
  • We have no affiliates.   We have been established since 2011.
  • We are located in the USA.


You will find in your searches, that there are other catteries that have mimicked our site, used our name, our logo styling or branding style. Fake sites like to steal photos from others and post them as their own.  Do your due diligence before sending anyone money.  There is even a cattery that has taken to using our name "MoJo" with similar fonts, logo badge designs and the like.

MoJo Maines Cinder

Proud to be a

Certified Breeder

Maine Coon Cats and Kitten photos on this this site are ALL MoJo Maine cats unless noted.  The tribal cat art and all versions of it are copyright and the TM of MoJo Maines.

Our Maine Coon Kittens and Cats are raised underfoot in our home. They are part of the family and have free run of the house.

  • You can verify this by watching my LIVE FB videos. You will see photos of the kittens at play and snoozing around the house and my 'attempts' at semi professional looking photos.


Maine Coon Kittens! 

  • No kittens available at this time/near future.
  • Tentative litters due late 2020
  • Please fill out an application and have yourself placed on the wait list.
  • Our Current wait list for 2020 is pretty full, however since I do not require a deposit until kittens are born, people do come and go on the list. It's always in flux.

Feel free to continue to keep in contact after filling out an application. Those who fill it out and disappear are given one time via email to respond to 'available kitten emails', then are removed. If you receive a "kittens available" email but it's not what you are wanting, but  you wish to remain on the wait list, simply respond, keep in touch, and update your application with the current date.

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   Dan & Marian Goepfert

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